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Editors Desk

Deals had better be good

Very little to say about a year rapidly drawing to a close - and not a moment too soon. Do I hear shouts of "AMEN"?!

It has been a year distinguished by marketing inactivity, very little excitement in terms of product development and perhaps most telling - a feeling by many retailers of being 'caught' in a nasty downward spiral' which they appear unable to climb out of. Retailers need ammunition from their suppliers, to ignite a fire - even a small one - to in their turn excite their customers. Sadly this has not been forthcoming. Apart from one or two appliance and TV manufacturers who import developments from their overseas principals, it has been pretty moribund. Difficult put a finger on the reason/s. What we do know is that retailers such as Tafelberg & Hirsch's are never content to sit back and hope for business. Tafelberg's expansion and their opening of several Sealy Mattress Galleries, the latest in Clearwater Mall and which we feature within are classy upmarket venues which attract consumers in the higher income brackets. Not only Sealy but La-z-Boy products and Weber braais and accessories are tastefully displayed. They deserve their rewards for boldness and innovation. And Hirsch's are never ever content with the status quo. Always probing for opportunities and when they present they pounce. Just think of the 'chutzpah' in opening Hyde Park this year of all desperate years. But like everything they do, they do it with all they've got and brilliantly and it pays off. And these groups with their new bold initiatives create new customers and offer suppliers a huge boost.

We still have November & December before we close the year. If determined you can still salvage something. In a few weeks Black Friday rears its opportunistic head, followed by Christmas bonuses in December. Don't blow it by being timid. Suppliers and dealers must couple now to prepare for the onslaught. But the dealers had better be good. Good luck!

Ian Hughes - Editor

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