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      MARKETING AS ALWAYS                                                                        Home Goods Retailer
                                                                                   HGR Team
There is no point in disguising the unpalatable fact that 2016 was one of the
very worst years on record economically – not just for South Africa but for             Publisher and Editor-in-chief
much of the developed and developing worlds. We are well rid of it. 2017 offer                  Contact: Ian Hughes
all of us a new beginning, a new opportunity. An opportunity to resolve that
you will NOT repeat the mistakes., the actions – or perhaps in most instances           Tel: 011 728 6593 | 082 553 8154
– the inactions of much of this industry. It was pitiful to see the acquiescence               E-mail:
of so many industry players in their own non performance. Almost mes-
merised by the daily news of doom and gloom, they were complicit in their                National Sales & Marketing
own bad performances. They put their heads on the block for no good reason                    Contact: Roger Callighan
except to get them chopped off.                                                                   Tel: 079 102 3247

  So good riddance to 2016. It gives us all an opportunity to start with a a                   Contact: Pippa Hughes
clean slate. But it is up to us to ensure that 2017 turns out a whole lot better.                 Tel: 082 552 2675

  Depending on who you talk to or what media you listen to or read, you can                   Admin & Accounts
pay your money and take your choice. There is ample evidence for those with                    Contact: Pippa Hughes
a more positive frame of mind that this year, at least the first half, will pres-
ent itself as goodish for business – buoyed by the bunisnessman Trump in                          Tel: 082 552 2675
the White House who, if he doesn’t blow us all off the planet first, has boldly
declared that he will be the ‘best President for jobs and business ever.                              Design
                                                                                             Contact: Taryn Haley (9IT)
  Be that as it may, Wall Street likes what he is saying and so does the City
of London. Global optimism has definitely been boosted since the depressing                       Tel: 071 602 4553
(initially at least) Brexit vote. The weakening pound has helped British export-              E-Mail:
ers to a surge in profits and the FTSE 100 has recently registered it’s longest
record breaking streak in it’s history – 10 record closing days since Christmas.   Copyright on all editorial in Home Goods
Economists will raise their growth forecasts and we will see early si8gns of       Retailer is owned by the publisher and
recovery.                                                                          reproduction without permission is
                                                                                   prohibited. The opinions expressed in
  Will you take advantage or will you be as timid as last year? One well know      Home Goods Retailer are not neces-
definition of insanity is the repeating of the same action (non action?)over       sarily the views held by the editor or
and over and expecting a different result. Don’t let that happen this year. Be     publisher. We reserve the right to edit
bold! Marketing is the key. Go for the market, seize it by the throat and see      – for purposes of space and clarity – all
what happens….. you will wonder why you didn’t do this before.                     editorial material and letters submitted
                                                                                   for publication.
                                        Ian Hughes

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