Page 4 - HGR February 2018
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         Within this issue we publish the story of the events
           that played out in 2016. It is a story of duplicity,
          unbridled arrogance and denial practiced by then
           CEO Aubrey Karp. It is the story of how HGR was
           engaged to produce and publish an OK/House &

         Home Company Profile under agreed conditions. It
           relates how after five months hard work at no in-
          significant cost to ourselves and when the Profile
         was ready to print it was aborted by Karp under the
         pretext that he was ill. We now know it was aborted
           when he found out that he was to be summarily
           retired in early 2017. We have decided to publish
          these events as OK Furniture has flatly refused to
           engage with us to reach a mutually satisfactory
            resolution and their high powered lawyers have
          made it abundantly clear that they will do what it
           takes to exhaust our slender resources, and will

                 never deal with the merits of the case.

                                          OK BULLY BOYS
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