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PUBLISHER’S DESK                                                                             Home Goods Retailer
                       OK BULLY BOYS ...continued


It is just over 16 months ago that Aubrey Karp, then                                         HGR Team
CEO of OK Furniture/House & Home pulled the plug
                                                                                                  Publisher and Editor-in-chief
   on HGR – on over five months of hard work, plus                                                        Contact: Ian Hughes
  several thousand rands on a wasted and fruitless
 enterprise and blew a giant hole in our bottom line.                                             Tel: 010 900 3143 | 082 553 8154
Which came terrifyingly close to sinking us. And as we came to realise shortly
thereafter, for the most selfish and specious of reasons. In February 2016 after we                National Sales & Marketing
published a particularly flattering article on Karp and his achievements at OK/House &                  Contact: Roger Callighan
Home and he had expressed his delight, we suggested that we compile, prepare, write,                        Tel: 079 102 3247
publish and distribute an OK/House & Home Company Profile. Karp was immediately
interested and a few weeks later and in the company of his two lieutenants at the time,                  Contact: Pippa Hughes
Deputy CEO (now CEO) Paul Fairhurst and advertising/marketing manager Sheridan                              Tel: 082 552 2675
Smit, the conditions and the timeline were agreed. Now HGR and it’s antecedent
FAS Retailer, has over the decades of their existence successfully published 21 such                    Admin & Accounts
Profiles for both retailers and suppliers. These have included giants of the industry                    Contact: Pippa Hughes
such as the JD Group (in its pomp), Ellerines (back in the day), Hirsch’s, Tafelberg, Game,
Tedelex, Defy, Van Dyck Carpets, Restonic, Masons and a host of others. Without                             Tel: 082 552 2675
exception, these Profiles were received by these clients with enormous appreciation.
  We had honed our Company Profile Business Model so that it was attractive to the                     Contact: Taryn Haley (9IT)
client and simultaneously rewarded us. Probably the key inducement to clients was the
fact that we demanded no payment for such a Profile. We would do all the work, the                          Tel: 071 602 4553
interviews of key personnel, the writing of these articles, a compilation of the history of             E-Mail:
the company, timelines and the milestones of growth, the company’s philosophy and
ambitions, missions statements, interviews with long serving staff and with selected         Copyright on all editorial in Home Goods
suppliers on their relationship with the client et al. All this editorial content usually    Retailer is owned by the publisher and
illustrated with archival images, current images of interiors and exteriors plus photos      reproduction without permission is
of all interviewees. And anything else of interest which the client wished us to insert.     prohibited. The opinions expressed in
Thereafter once client approval had been obtained, we would have it printed (laminated       Home Goods Retailer are not neces-
covers and prestigious gloss paper) and distributed. At our expense….                        sarily the views held by the editor or
                                                                                             publisher. We reserve the right to edit
  In return we asked that the client pays for just ONE advert –at our usual rate - on        – for purposes of space and clarity – all
the outside back cover of the publication. That would be the client’s sole monetary          editorial material and letters submitted
contribution and their necessary commitment to ownership. We would fund this                 for publication.
publication by soliciting advertising support from the client’s suppliers. These
conditions were explained to Karp and his team and agreed to. We would get all the co-

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