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SAPICS lines up insights and skill-
sharing at conference

   A focus on ‘business                      ply chain community and managed by         into South Africa’s supply chains.
                                             Upavon Conferences Management.               ”As a professional knowledge-based
      unusual’ for the
                                               These include leading futurist, author   association that enables individuals
 upcoming 39th Annual                        and business transformation expert         and organisations to improve business
                                             Sean Culey, who will be delivering         performance, the SAPICS conference
 SAPICS Conference and                       his globally renowned presentation:        and exhibition is a vital forum for the
                                             ”Supply Chain 3.0 – how to survive in      sharing and adaptation of cutting-edge
   Exhibition for Supply                     disruptive times”. In his presentation,    ideas and technologies,” said Park.
                                             Culey will prepare participants to gear
   Chain Professionals                       their businesses for a new wave of           Greg Schlegel – founder of the Supply
                                             disruptive technology and to embrace       Chain Risk Management Consortium
 will equip delegates to                     a new era of creative destruction and      – returns to the SAPICS stage talk-
                                             exhilarating innovation which is already   ing ‘Supply Chain Risk and Resiliency’.
 meet challenges linked                      upon us.                                   As a supply chain executive for over
                                                                                        30 years with several Fortune 100
 to factors such as poor                       The event will feature speakers from     companies, Schlegel warns that supply
                                             Egypt, South Africa, Canada, the United    chain risk is increasing, not decreas-
    infrastructure and                       States, the United Kingdom, France and     ing. With globalisation expanding at a
                                             the Netherlands – while showcasing         remarkable rate over the last 20 years,
   political uncertainty,                    the experience of innovative groups like   supply chains have moved into areas
                                             Nando’s, McCain Foods SA, Dis-Chem         where they’ve never operated. As a
   according to SAPICS                       and SABMiller. The conference will         result, uncertainty, complexity and risk
                                             also provide the platform to share the     have grown exponentially. Delegates
 president Mungo Park.                       results of Barloworld’s annual sup-        wanting to get a deeper understanding
                                             plychainforesight survey - the industry
”The impact of these issues, together        standard qualitative research study                                      PAGE 54
with the skills shortage crisis, em-
phasise the need for supply chain            Lewis - Woollam’s first
management to be recognized in the           demand
boardroom,” said Park. ”There is often
the misconception that supply chain          On 1 November 2016, David Woollam          to appeal was heard on 8 December
management is only procurement; this         applied for leave to appeal the            2016 and that application was refused
conference and exhibition will help          judgment and order of the Western          by the Court on 9 December 2016.
reinforce awareness about the com-           Cape High Court, which set aside           Woollam petitioned the Supreme
plexity of this profession in its entirety,  Woollam’s first demand addressed to        Court of Appealfor leave to appeal the
and build the skills to take the economy     Lewis Group on 20 May 2016, for Lewis      judgment, and Lewis was informed by
forward.”                                    to commence with proceedings to            the SCA on 4 April 2017 that Woollam
                                             declare four of its directors delinquent,  has been granted leave to appeal. In
  The event will highlight the potential     in accordance with the provisions of       light of the aforegoing, shareholders are
for exponential technologies to trans-       section 165 of the Companies Act 71 of     advised that in the event of Woollam
form supply chain management, incor-         2008.                                      proceeding with an appeal, such appeal
porating innovations like digitisation,                                                 will be opposed by Lewis.
3-D printing, driverless vehicles and the      Woollam’s application for leave
effective management of information

  A world-class line-up of speakers has
been confirmed for the annual event,
which is hosted by SAPICS – your sup-

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