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Zyda Rylands the first ever recipient of
the World Retail Congress Woman of
the Year Award

  Zyda Rylands, CEO of                        ers. I am blessed to receive the inaugu-      ”To be given this
    Woolworths South                          ral award, but I am even more excited         sort of honour
    Africa received the                       that this is the first of many recognizing    by the World
   inaugural Woman of                         women in retail. Though competence            Retail Congress
  The Year award at the                       transcends gender and race there is still     is inspiring on
 World Retail Congress’s                      much work to be done by everyone in           many fronts.
 International Women in                       retail to ensure greater diversity in retail  The award
Retail Reception held on                      leadership. ”                                 recognises
           5 April.                             “I love retail. It’s in my blood. I, like   inspirational
                                              everyone at the World Retail Congress,        retail
Zyda was given the special award in           continue to be inspired and excited by        career, both
recognition of her inspirational work,        the constantly changing retail land-          internationally
both as an international leader, philan-      scape, the amazing variety of trends          and locally, and
thropist and for her outstanding com-         and innovation in our industry and the        also recognizes
mercial success.                              passion and dedication of the people          the great
                                              who work tirelessly to keep giving our        philanthropic
  Commenting on the award, Zyda               customers the best. ”                         work she has
Rylands said, ‘“It is an honour to receive                                                  done over the
this inaugural Woman of the Year                Woolworths Group CEO, Ian Moir said,        years...”
Award and to be recognised by such an         “To be given this sort of honour by the
esteemed and venerable group of retail-       World Retail Congress is inspiring on
                                              many fronts. The award recognises
                                              Zyda’s inspirational retail career, both
                                              internationally and locally, and also
                                              recognizes the great philanthropic work
                                              she has done over the years.”

Pick n Pay final results
February 2017

Revenue for the year grew to R79.1 bil-       Shareholder distribution
lion (R73.5 billion) and gross profit rose    The board declared a final dividend of
to R13.9 billion (R13.0 billion). Trading     146.40 cents per share, bringing the
profit was higher at R1.8 billion (R1.5       total annual dividend for the year to
billion). Profit for the period increased     176.30 cents per share, 18.0% up on
to R1.2 billion (R1.1 billion). In addition,  last year and maintaining a dividend
headline earnings per share jumped to         cover of 1.5 times headline earnings per
264.35 cents per share (224.04 cents          share.
per share).

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