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City of Johannesburg
promotes SMEs at SAITEX 2016

The City of Johannesburg               exhibit for retail buyers from across    for over two decades, and has earned
    has announced its                  Africa.                                  a solid reputation as Africa’s biggest
   supporting up to 40                                                          business opportunities expo.
                                         The City of Johannesburg sponsor-
  companies exhibiting                 ship will allow up to 40 SMEs to be        ”We welcome the support of the
      at SAITEX 2016,                  part of the show as part of its support  City of Johannesburg in providing a
                                       for export and entrepreneurial devel-    chance for up and coming businesses
  South Africa’s biggest               opment in the city.                      to take part in an event. In many cases
    international trade                                                         this could be their first opportunity to
         exhibition.                     Ravi Naidoo, Executive Director Eco-   share a global platform with lead-
                                       nomic Development said: ”The City of     ing manufacturers and brands and
SAITEX 2016 takes place from June 19   Johannesburg is pleased to reinforce     the experience will provide essential
to 21 at the the Gallagher Convention  our support for entrepreneurs and        insights.
Centre, Midrand, where hundreds of     small enterprises at SAITEX this year
national and international companies   in a featured showcase.                    ”SAITEX is a wonderful blend of
                                                                                exotic and exciting products, ambi-
 ”SAITEX is a                            ”SMEs are critical to a country’s      tious business owners, entrepreneurs,
 wonderful                             growth, stability and sustainability     buyers and sellers, all eager to do
 blend of exotic                       and it is essential that we provide      business in Africa.”
 and exciting                          them with all the available opportu-
 products,                             nities an international event of this      Visiting the show is free for retailers
 ambitious                             type has to offer. They will be able     and all buyers and commercial visitors
 business                              to showcase their products, meet po-     who are being advised to register in
 owners,                               tential buyers from around the world     advance at the show website.
 entrepreneurs,                        and gain access to valuable industry
 buyers and                            information that can assist them build     ”Registering online saves time
 sellers, all eager                    their businesses.”                       on the day giving you more time to
 to do business in                                                              browse the exhibitors,” said Davidson.
 Africa...”                              Christine Davidson is the Vice Presi-
                                       dent at dmg-ems Africa which orga-         This year’s event offers retailers the
                                       nises SAITEX 2016. She said: ”SAITEX     chance to see, electronics, appliances
                                       has been bringing more than 600 local    and technology through to homeware
                                       and international companies together     and household products, building
                                                                                supplies and industrial machinery and

                                                                                      Find out more about visiting the
                                                                                      show and register for free at:


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