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THE FUTURE IS ON US – SEIZE IT                                                              Home Goods Retailer

By the time you read this article and the other related ones within, TV Mall would          HGR Team
have made its debut on Channel 173 on the DSTV bouquet. It was scheduled to go
live on 1 June 2018. For suppliers and retailers alike TV Mall offers the most radical,          Publisher and Editor-in-chief
indeed revolutionary alternative to conventional selling and buying of consumer                          Contact: Ian Hughes
durables. (And many other categories too). It’s significance however, lies not in it’s
alternative appeal, but in it’s proven effectiveness worldwide and is set to change the          Tel: 010 900 3143 | 082 553 8154
face of buying and selling in South Africa. Exclusive shopping channels are massively                   E-mail:
successful wherever they have been introduced. And that includes developed and
mature markets in America, the UK, Germany, Russia, Australia, China, South Korea                 National Sales & Marketing
and many, many others. As we detail within these pages, South Africa is finally                        Contact: Roger Callighan
embracing this new (for us) – and here to stay – concept.                                                  Tel: 079 102 3247

  Why do we say this? TV Mall is no ‘get rich quick’ scheme for its owners. The mind                    Contact: Pippa Hughes
boggling infrastructure costs involved in setting up such a venture prohibit any such                      Tel: 082 552 2675
easy judgment. HGR was invited to visit their offices and state of the art TV studios
in Houghton some weeks ago by CEO and partner Nicky Fintz. We had not expected                         Admin & Accounts
such a development. Certainly beyond our limited comprehension. The scale, the                          Contact: Pippa Hughes
ambition, the investments in technology and people left us in no doubt whatsoever
that TV Mall is here to stay. Many tens of millions of rands have been invested and it                     Tel: 082 552 2675
was clear to us that this was no hit or miss operation.. Fintz knows exactly what he is
doing and what has to be done to ensure success. He has enlisted the help of perhaps                           Design
the best known global expert in this field, Budd Margolis, an American long resident                  Contact: Taryn Haley (9IT)
in the UK and who has been responsible for introducing and implementing home
shopping channels all over the world. Every one hugely successful and all growing.                         Tel: 071 602 4553
And the reason, Margolis states baldly, is that it works. And he has the statistics to                 E-Mail:
prove it. Neither Fintz nor Margolis have the slightest shred of doubt that TV Mall
would repeat the success of similar global ventures around the world. It is not a           Copyright on all editorial in Home Goods
question of IF but WHEN – is Nicky Fintz’s casually confident assertion.                    Retailer is owned by the publisher and
                                                                                            reproduction without permission is
And according to Messrs Fintz & Margolis, they cannot envisage a brand or product           prohibited. The opinions expressed in
                                                                                            Home Goods Retailer are not neces-
or service which when exposed and demonstrated on TV Mall’s Channel 173 not taking          sarily the views held by the editor or
                                                                                            publisher. We reserve the right to edit
off. It encourages direct sales, viewer participation and immediate action. Furthermore     – for purposes of space and clarity – all
                                                                                            editorial material and letters submitted
it demonstrates to the retailer clear evidence of a product’s desirability. No gambling,    for publication.

no guessing! And for suppliers, a godsend. No more hugely expensive marketing

budgets – TV Mall offers extremely competitive rates - and for those bold suppliers

that jump in, that expense can be measured for success almost immediately.

TV Mall is a slick and professional operation and no fly by night enterprise. It will

initially be live for six hours with the balance of 18 hours taken up by recordings. It is

the converse in the UK with 18 hours live and six hours recordings. And inevitably in

the USA it is live for 24 hours of every day.. As Nicky Fintz concluded: “Once suppliers

fully realise the astonishing success of exposure on our channel we wil be live for

many more hours.”

A fuller story and further details on Page 4...  Ian Hughes

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