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OK Furniture -
Strangers to ethics & truth

What can one say about                      with credible substantiated reasons for     It is beyond
 a large retailer, a wholly                 abruptly terminating the deal to prepare    comprehension
  owned division of the                     and publish the Aubrey Karp instigated      that this
                                            Company Profile which we had virtually      multi-million
    mighty SHOPRITE/                        finished. Or in the total absence of that   rand retailer
 CHECKERS Group, that                       to compensate us fairly.                    is prepared to
 consistently refuses to                                                                pay its’ lawyers
engage with HGR on the                        Karp’s ill health cited originally by     huge sums of
 merits of the complaint                    him as the reason for terminating the       money which
  brought against them,                     deal was, we now all know, a load of        in the end will
but instead via a battery                   cobblers. As was his assertion that he      have cost it far
                                            ‘’ may” – if we behaved ourselves and       in excess of
   of hugely expensive                      cease our demand for compensation           what we are
 lawyers seeks to delay,                    - revisit the Profile on his return to      demanding as a
  obfuscate and muddy                       work in February 2017. That too was         fair settlement
the waters in an effort to                  another load of cobblers as we swiftly      for the five
                                            found out. He had been retired by the       months work
       bleed us dry?                        Shoprite board and had known about his      we undertook in
                                            enforced retirement for a considerable      good faith...
They, the lawyers acting for said retailer  period of time. It is plain that Karp then
OK Furniture/House & Home are now           simply had no further interest in seeing
protesting against our comments in          this Profile through to completion.
HGR and other social platforms, claiming    What did it matter that we had incurred
numerous inaccuracies and falsehoods.       considerable expense in time and money
Well, why don’t they summons us to          over the best part of five months at his
Court wherein they can dispute the          specific behest? He was out of there….
truth of our allegations and let the Court
decide who is telling the truth and which     What is shocking too is the fact that
party has been deceitful?                   current OK management which had
                                            taken over when Karp was retired – and
  It is beyond comprehension that this      had been in on the entire exercise from
multi-million rand retailer is prepared     the very beginning – has never seen
to pay its’ lawyers huge sums of money      fit to acknowledge the injustice, or the
which in the end will have cost it far in   concomitant breach of faith or indeed
excess of what we are demanding as a        the losses which we had incurred. If
fair settlement for the five months work    Karp bears the major responsibility for
we undertook in good faith. All we are      this debacle, the current OK board are
seeking is common justice. Provide us       entirely complicit too.

                                              Make no mistake we are not going
                                            to let this go and HGR will continue to
                                            enlist HelloPeter and Social Media to
                                            boost our campaign for elementary

                                            APRIL / MAY 2018 | HOME GOODS RETAILER
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