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TV Shopping’s                                                                                      Budd Margolis
remarkable year                            TV Shopping Expert, Digital Sales via Video & Social Media

  The year 2017 will go
  down in TV shopping

     history as one of
   the most significant
moments in the industry

     because it marks
    the start of a new


The year 2017 will go down in TV shopping    Budd Margolis is a London based           drone deliveries are not far behind.
history as one of the most significant     consulting expert who started his TV          We know about Amazon’s growth
moments in the industry because it         shopping career with QVC UK. He has
marks the start of a new awakening. The    been working in the field of global         and continued expansion but wait for
past 3 years have been challenging and     TV shopping & eCommerce for some            Alibaba and for new entities we have
for many difficult but we are now at the   25 years and has worked in over 50          yet to imagine to emerge. The change
inflexion point. This new era is one of    countries. He is now an associate with      will be revolutionary and appear faster
empowerment for we now know more           Best Flow Factory Retail of Copenhagen,     than ever while many traditionally based
about consumers than ever before and       Sofia, Dubai & London which is a group      companies will simply disappear.
many companies are now responding to       of digital and broadcast retail specialist
the threats posed by digital disruption,   who plan, specify, build companies and        In the world of TV shopping, whether
millennial consumer behaviour and          improve sales for existing companies.       infomercial or live shopping, 2017
globalised competition.                                                                has experienced an unprecedented
                                             Budd has linked up with Nicky Fintz       increase in expansion, acquisition and
 Budd Margolis                             CEO of the just launched TV Mall on DSTV    rationalisation activity which indicates
 is a London                               Channel 173 to ensure that state of the     an inflexion point where some markets
 based consulting                          art global industry standards are met.      have ceased to grow and must buy
 expert who                                                                            growth or potential for growth.
 started his TV                              The following article by Budd Margolis
 shopping career                           illustrates what one can expect from          TV shopping is, above all other
 with QVC UK...                            home shopping in general and TV Mall in     considerations, video-based and reliant
                                           particular.                                 upon great storytelling. That skill set and
                                                                                       invaluable experience remain relevant.
                                             A significant trend in home shopping      Depending on your strategy, we are
                                           & delivery is instant, or near instant,     approaching either a perfect storm of
                                           delivery of your purchase. Order in the     disruption or a new age for growth and
                                           morning and receive by late afternoon       consumer delight.
                                           has created further stress on resources
                                           and has created a hard to match               Mobile is beginning to dominate, not
                                           competitive advantage. Robots in            just in the USA but especially across
                                           warehouses, autonomous trucks and
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