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      RETAINING LOYALTY OF                                                                    Home Goods Retailer
                                                                                HGR Team
If you are one of those fortunate retailers with an established customer base
it is crucial that you remain relevant to them. This can be done by regular          Publisher and Editor-in-chief
analysis of internal data on each one (witness Pick ‘n Pay’s Smart Shopper                   Contact: Ian Hughes
programme), and tailoring specific offerings to each one. Your competitive-
ness vis a vis your opposition will increase substantially.                          Tel: 011 728 6593 | 082 553 8154
  We are aware that local retailers are subject to increased competition from
international entrants determined to take advantage of perceived weakness-            National Sales & Marketing
es of SA retailers. They are hunting for new markets, new growth and profits.              Contact: Roger Callighan
                                                                                               Tel: 079 102 3247
  South African retailers are by and large efficient, having been honed over
years of fluctuating fortunes. However, we are in a new ball game entirely                  Contact: Pippa Hughes
and retailers must overcome this threat. Developing innovative ways of look-                   Tel: 082 552 2675
ing after your customers including managing customer relationships will be
critical in maintaining your market share. Many South African retailers are                Admin & Accounts
sitting on a goldmine hidden in their customer data, the analysis of which                  Contact: Pippa Hughes
would enable them to develop strategies to meet the needs of these custom-
ers.                                                                                           Tel: 082 552 2675

  In talking to many of these retailers they seem to be aware of the poten-                        Design
tial locked into the reams of customer information they possess, but for one              Contact: Taryn Haley (9IT)
reason or another they do not take advantage. Our guess is that a powerful
deterrent exists because they are unsure of just how to extract this infor-                    Tel: 071 602 4553
mation in a meaningful way. In other words they are not certain of what is                 E-Mail:
valuable and what isn’t. Notwithstanding that it is very important that they
come to grips with this ‘buried treasure’ which represents one of the most      Copyright on all editorial in Home Goods
valuable customer retention tools available to local retailers. Unfortunately,  Retailer is owned by the publisher and
very few retailers have sought to analyse this data effectively but prefer to   reproduction without permission is
rely on external market intelligence. Which could mean out of date informa-     prohibited. The opinions expressed in
tion, or perhaps worse, irrelevant information. Savvy retailers on the other    Home Goods Retailer are not neces-
hand could be in a position to analyse spending patterns thus making more       sarily the views held by the editor or
accurate predictions on buying behavior, improving stock levels and eliminat-   publisher. We reserve the right to edit
ing wastage. So, so much more…..                                                – for purposes of space and clarity – all
                                                                                editorial material and letters submitted
                                      Ian Hughes                                for publication.

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