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Brands Awards
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  Defy SA, have been   Winning at the Kasi Awards for a         we have the loyalty of South African
announced as winners   South African company is a sought-       consumers everywhere is a humbling
                       after accolade, as brands that win       experience for us. Thank you South
   of the prestigious  these awards have been shown to be       Africa for believing in a brand which
 Ask Afrika Kasi Star  used most loyally, by South Africa’s     is for our people” said Cherisse Erwee,
   Township Brands     township consumers, irrespective of      head of Marketing at Defy SA.
Awards in the Stoves,  background or living standard.
                                                                  According to KASI Star Brands who
   Ovens, and Hobs       The announcement, published in the     host the awards, brands that win
        category.      Daily Sun on 16 May, is proof that Defy  awards do more than satisfy needs
                       speaks to the needs of South Africa’s    and wants, “they become symbols
                       consumers and is a brand fully en-       and contribute to the way township
                       dorsed and supported by the public.      consumers define their status and
                                                                their personalities. These brands often
                          “This is an enormous honour for       become symbols within
                       us at Defy. We are a proudly South       townships.”
                       African company and to know that

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