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Annika Bedroom Suite Spread Headboard

   In July 2016 Aristocraft took the decision to start up the manufacturing plant
                which had been mothballed for approximately seven years.

This would operate in addition to the Import arm of the business which continued
as normal. Manufacturing Dining room, Bedroom as well as Plasma TV units we

   supply the JD Group, Shoprite, Lewis Group as well as Independent retailers.

    To date the decision has proved to be the correct one and as a result we are
 about to embark on a medium sized capex expenditure project which will enable

  us to update and modernise the current manufacturing plant so as to improve
efficiencies and quality of product we offer to our customer base both within our

               SA borders as well our customers in neighbouring countries.

   During the past year we have faced the normal challenges but it has been an
 exciting year which is due to the incredible support which we have enjoyed from

                our customer base, for which we remain extremely grateful.

  We look forward to continued mutually beneficial business relationships for the
                                                  year ahead.
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