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Jae Velleman
joins Aristocraft

   Jae Velleman joined                    mothballed Aristocraft/Motani Indus-        into management in 1987 when I joined
  Aristocraft in 2016 to                  tries plant. He said: ” When we decided     Highpoint Furniture Industries and was
 handle marketing and                     to cease local production and focus on      with them in a managerial capacity for
  sales in tandem with                    imports it was the right decision made at   15 years. In 1996 I moved to Pat Cornick
  Faizel Motani (the son                  the right time.                             and was CEO when Bravo decided to
                                                                                      close their case goods factories last year.
    of the well known,                      We have grown our market since we
loved and affectionately                  made that decision a few years ago, but       Fortunately for me Faizel was in the
                                          now there is a new reality, and I have de-  market for an experienced sales and
  remembered founder                      cided that we are uniquely placed to take   marketing executive particularly in case
    Setar Motani who                      advantage of the closure of the Bravo       goods. And here I am,” he concluded.
                                          factories. So we decided to get back into
passed away a few years                   manufacturing. Aristocraft’s imports
             ago).                        will focus on the more discriminating
                                          upper middle of the market whilst our
Faizel successfully took over the com-    local output will look after entry levels
pany and has grown it substantially       and volume end. I can confirm that we
since then. Last year when Bravo decided  are doing well exceptionally well and our
to close their case goods manufactur-     decision has paid off.
ing companies, he recognised a major
opportunity and decided to reopen the       ”Naturally, I had to look around for a
                                          top sales and marketing executive to
                                          help and of course Jae presented himself
                                          with his vast experience.”

                                            Jae elaborated: ” I have spent many
                                          years in case goods. Back in 1981 I start-
                                          ed as a sales rep on the road. I moved

Grundig’s Golden Gifts
Delights school

At the close of the 10 day culinary       throughout the show’s duration,
extravaganza at the Golden Delight        and were thrilled when on Sunday,
Kitchen, at the East Coast Radio          9 July, Rox-ann Govender, Brand
Home and Garden show, GRUNDIG a           Communications Manager for Grundig,
premium appliance brand, donated          handed over the appliances to the
two eye level ovens and a counter         school.
top hob valued at over R20 000 to
the Ikusasa Culinary School.                ”I am sure the students will make
                                          excellent use of the appliances” says
  Students from the underprivileged       Rox-ann , ”and we were delighted to
Ikusasa School were mentored              see it go to such a deserving school”

                                          JULY / AUGUST 2017 | HOME GOODS RETAILER
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