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Shoprite -
operational update

  The year ended 2 July                  sales by 10.1% (7.7% if compared to 53        The Group’s furniture division still
   2017 had 52 weeks                     weeks). On a like-for-like basis, sales     faced industry challenges around af-
 compared to 53 weeks                    increased by 6.9%. Internal inflation       fordability requirements of the Nation-
for the year ended 3 July                slowed to 5.9% for the period from the      al Credit Act and subdued durable pur-
                                         7.4% in December as the impact of the       chases, with the result that sales grew
            2016.                        drought began to ease and compares          by 6.2% for the period (4.3% if compared
                                         to 3.9% in the prior year.                  to 53 weeks). The Other Operating Seg-
The Shoprite Group increased total                                                   ments achieved growth of 7.7% (7.0% if
turnover by a healthy 10.4% to about       The Group’s non-RSA supermarkets          compared to 53 weeks).
R140.7 billion for the 12 months to      recorded sales growth of 13.5% (11.7%
June 2017 with like-for-like turnover    if compared to 53 weeks) mainly due to        The above financial information is
growth improving by 5.8%. Turnover for   the impact of lower commodity prices        the responsibility of the directors of
the 52-week period compared to the       and the devaluation of certain cur-         Shoprite Holdings Ltd and has not been
53 weeks of the prior year increased by  rencies. This had a material impact on      reviewed or reported on by Shoprite
8.2%.                                    prices of imported products during the      Holdings’ auditors. Constant currency
                                         latter part of the year. On a like-for-     information as well as comparisons to
  The challenging trading conditions in  like basis, sales increased by 1%. Taken    pro forma 52-week financial informa-
South Africa continued in the second     at constant currencies, sales grew by       tion for the previous year has been
half of the year and the South Afri-     33.8% (31.6% on a 53-week basis). The       prepared for illustrative purposes only.
can supermarket operation increased      fourth quarter in particular is where       The consolidated financial results for
                                         the previous high base in Angola’s          the review period will be published on
                                         sales impacted growth for the year.         or about Tuesday, 22 August 2017.

Asia & Pacific grow world
furniture consumption

 According to CSIL, world                few years the increase of imports into      graphical coverage is expanded from 70
consumption of furniture                 the US was the main engine of growth in     to 100 countries:
                                         international trade of furniture. With 39%
  currently accounts to                  of world furniture production, China is       - E uropean Union (28) + Norway, Swit-
 around US$ 410 billion,                 still the main furniture producer.              zerland and Iceland (30 countries).
                                         The new July 2017 edition of CSIL report
     with the growing                    ”World furniture outlook 2017/2018” is        - Central and Eastern Europe out-
 importance of Asia and                  now available.                                  side the EU + Russia and Turkey (10
                                         This study provides an overview of the          countries) .
           Pacific.                      world furniture sector with historical
                                         statistical data (production, consumption,    - A sia and Pacific (21 countries).
The leading importers of furniture are   imports, exports) and 2017-2018 furni-        - M iddle East and Africa (21 countries).
the United States, Germany, the United   ture markets scenario for 100 countries.      - North America (3 countries) .
Kingdom, France and Canada. In the last                                                - C entral and South America (15 coun-
                                         NEW: Starting from this issue, the geo-
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