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Bold Aristocraft reopens
plant in response to demand

It is with some surprise that HGR           time when we could resume manu-             product and distributed on their behalf.
recently learned that the well known        facturing and do so profitably. Hence       This has supplemented our own impor-
Pretoria furniture distributor Aristo-      the decision we took not to sell off and    tation and distribution programme and
craft has decided to reopen its long        dispose of the plant but to mothball it     all aspects of these operation s have
dormant plant mothballed since 2009.        until such time as circumstances were       grown. But I felt that the time is now
It is no secret that the decision to        more favourable.                            right for us to focus more on our own
mothball was made jointly by the fa-                                                    manufacture and to bring volumes up
ther and son team of Setar and Faizel         “Various factors have influenced my       to a level which is satisfying the de-
Motani, who found the volatility and        decision,” continued Faizel, “one being     mands of the market, and is profitable.
violent fluctuations of the rand offered    the rising costs of imports from China      We will certainly continue to import
new and enormous opportunities for          as their production costs have risen        products for our customers from south
importers from the Far East and South       steadily, and secondly a few of our loyal   east Asia and other countries. I envis-
East Asia.                                  customers have asked us to do so to         age us reaching a balance between
                                            help give them particular products at a     local manufacture and imports. We will
  Aristocraft was of course the trading     price point which they can then sell suc-   need to do that simply to be able to of-
name of a Durban based factory which        cessfully. And finally there is a shortage  fer our customers the widest possible
was acquired by the long established        of dining room suites available locally     choice.”
and hugely successful Motani Indus-         and we felt we could plug that gap. So
tries back in the Nineties. Subsequent-     we reopened our factory nd plant in           “Brian Fraser continues to play an
ly the Motani family decided to use         early July and already we are feeling the   important role in that aspect of the
the Aristocraft name for all products       benefits. We are manufacturing a couple     business and Jae Veldsman has also
coming out of their factories. They         of lines for a large retailer with more to  joined us from Pat Cornick at the
closed the original Aristocraft factory     follow and we are quietly confident that    Bravo Group. Jae’s job will be to get the
in Durban and its products and name         this will grow and other customers of       orders to keep the factory busy. So far
were successfully subsumed into the         ours will now take advantage of the new     everything is working extremely well
greater whole. And like all Motani fam-     situation.                                  and I am more than satisfied with what
ily ventures it thrived and grew.                                                       we have already achieved,” concluded
                                              “Historically we have done indents        Faizel Motani.
  We asked Aristocraft’s Faizel Motani      for certain customers, assembled the
why the decision was taken to re-
start manufacturing? He said: “When
my father and I made the decision to
mothball the plant and concentrate on
imports and distribution, the economy
and the industry were in very differ-
ent places than they are today. Back
then Chinese imports were being made
available at truly competitive prices.
Although we were producing relatively
efficiently we could not compete ef-
fectively – and not just on price but
also on choice. So on the old and tried
principle of ‘if you can’t beat them, join
then’, we did exactly that. However at
the back of our minds, my father and
myself, we felt there would come a

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