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   WHAT YOU OWE YOUR BRAND                                                                    Home Goods Retailer

  What can we do for you? HGR has a reach and brand recognition which is        HGR Team
second to none in the gigantic consumer durables market. Marketing has
always been the ‘sine qua non’ of most businesses – whether customers                Publisher and Editor-in-chief
are trade or consumer. In today’s economic and political climate banging the                 Contact: Ian Hughes
drum is more important than ever. If your business is to succeed, not just
in the short term via a brief ‘cutting the price’ campaign, but over the long        Tel: 010 900 3143 | 082 553 8154
term, a sustained growth adding more and new customers along the way, it                    E-mail:
is absolutely imperative that you keep stimulating demand for your prod-
ucts and/or services. Check the most successful global brands – all created           National Sales & Marketing
and sustained by ongoing marketing campaigns. Indeed one can say with-                     Contact: Roger Callighan
out fear of contradiction that brands are nothing but creatures of market-                     Tel: 079 102 3247
ing. One has only to look at the great global brands – Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola,
KFC, McDonalds, Samsung, LG, Sealy, Panasonic, BMW, Mercedes, Philips                       Contact: Pippa Hughes
etc., to see the truth of that observation. These companies share one                          Tel: 082 552 2675
thing in common – high visibility. And that has come about through effec-
tive marketing. Yes, at considerable expense, but my goodness, have they                   Admin & Accounts
reaped their rewards.                                                                       Contact: Pippa Hughes

  We don’t for one moment compare most of our leading consumer durable                         Tel: 082 552 2675
brands or indeed our leading retailer brands with those huge names, but
the lesson they teach is applicable to all. It is not a difficult lesson – in-                     Design
deed it is easily understood, but regrettably a lesson observed more in the               Contact: Taryn Haley (9IT)
breach than in the practice. What are they afraid of? Nothing to be afraid of
but fear itself. We don’t believe that trading at any time excuses timidity,                   Tel: 071 602 4553
but in these dark times least of all. A failure of nerve on your part to trust             E-Mail:
marketing will guarantee a serious brake on growth, and that can only lead
to stagnation, decline and decreasing market share.                             Copyright on all editorial in Home Goods
                                                                                Retailer is owned by the publisher and
  So we ask again, how can we help you? The question deserves an answer         reproduction without permission is
and further comment. This is not an appeal for you to help us, although it      prohibited. The opinions expressed in
may be construed in that way. Rather, it is the opposite – how can we help      Home Goods Retailer are not neces-
you reach your objectives? With our reach and brand image we can together       sarily the views held by the editor or
create – or recreate – that which you may well have lost. A compelling rea-     publisher. We reserve the right to edit
son why your brand and/products should be on the lips, or at least in the       – for purposes of space and clarity – all
head, of your customers. Carpe diem, set your own agenda and attack, ca-        editorial material and letters submitted
jole, persuade the market that you have what they need. We have the tools       for publication.
to help you, but you need the will and the vision to use them. To assert your
brand as a market leader.Surely you owe that to your brand?

                                      Ian Hughes

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