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Training regarding the South African
Energy Efficiency Label

    The Department of
   Energy (DoE) will be
offering training to store
 and training managers
  at all store and online
    appliance retailers
  on the legislated and
 compulsory display and
use of the South African
Energy Efficiency Label in

      February 2018.

The South African Energy Efficiency Label    that the compliant appliances are sold to       The training will
is part of a five-year programme primarily   consumers. Further to this training, the        form part of an
aimed at introducing more energy efficient   Department will also be embarking on a          overall drive to
appliances to the South African market       consumer-targeted marketing campaign            ensure industry
with the aim of reducing electricity de-     that aims to educate consumers about the        compliance to
mand, reduce carbon emissions associated     right products.                                 regulation...
with the use of household appliances and
to introduce continuous energy efficiency      Appliances for which the display and and to
into the appliance manufacturing industry.   use of the South African Energy Efficiency     acquire more information, or to SMS their
                                             Label is compulsory include electric lamps,    name, store name, contact number and
  The training, which will include both      washer-dryer combinations, washing             email to 071 368 6320. For any training
face-to-face and an online component,        machines, tumble dryers, electric ovens,       related queries please contact the training
has been funded by the United Nations        fridge-freezer combinations, freezer,          provider at for
Development Programme (UNDP) and is          fridges, dishwashers and air-conditioners.     information.
provided to ensure that retailers comply     TV and audio-visual equipment including
with compulsory regulations regarding the    decoders and set-top boxes do not need
display of the South African Energy Ef-      to display a label but must have a standby
ficiency Label on all mandated appliances.   power usage of less than 1 Watt, and 3
In addition, the training will cover how     Watts for set top boxes.
retail sales people and platforms should
communicate to and how to educate con-         All retail stores and platforms selling
sumers about the label.                      the above mentioned appliances are en-
                                             couraged to register for training by visiting
  The training will form part of an overall
drive to ensure industry compliance to
regulation. The DoE will be visiting retail
stores nationally as part of ensuring

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