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Black Friday gone global - Cyber
Monday remains North American

     An international                         dents said they were waiting for Black         Cyber Monday,
                                              Friday, which took place on November 24        on the other
  survey performed the                        this year, while 16% were waiting for Cyber    hand, enjoyed
                                              Monday (November 27). Black Friday is          a double-digit
  week preceding Black                        particularly popular in Canada (about 26%),    popularity
                                              Spain (about 22%), France (about 21%), the     percentage
  Friday 2017 examined                        UK and Germany (about 19% each) and to a       only in the
                                              lesser extent in Australia and Japan (about    North American
consumer preferences in                       10% in each country). On average among         countries...
                                              the 8 countries sampled in the survey, 17%
 anticipation of the end-                     of respondents were looking forward to        the survey. The level of variability among
                                              Black Friday, compared to about 8% who        the countries when it came to these two
of-year shopping events.                      were looking forward to Cyber Monday and      figures was low.
                                              about 3% who were looking forward to the
The survey, conducted among 3,400             Singles Day event (the Chinese holiday cele-    “We already knew that Black Friday has
participants from 8 developed countries,      brating single people) - making Black Friday  become the top brand among the end-of-
has revealed that Black Friday enjoys a       a significant shopping event outside the US.  year shopping events around the world,
double-digit popularity percentage in 6                                                     thanks to the survey we conducted last
countries outside the United States, while      Cyber Monday, on the other hand, en-        year. This year, Black Friday is once again
Cyber Monday tops out at only 4% outside      joyed a double-digit popularity percentage    the most popular shopping event among
of North America. A survey conducted in       only in the North American countries. 16%     consumers. However, looking at the figures,
November 2017 by One Hour Translation,        of respondents in the United States said      we can see a major difference in the levels
presents a global perspective on the prefer-  they were waiting for Cyber Monday, and       of anticipation for the Cyber Monday
ences of online consumers concerning the      10% of respondents in Canada, figures that    shopping event, which is popular in North
end-of-year shopping events.                  were much higher compared to the ones         America - the United States and Canada
                                              observed in the UK (about 4%), Australia,     – as opposed to the anticipation it enjoys
  The survey reveals that the event most      Germany, Spain, France and Japan (about       in the major economies outside of North
consumers look forward to is Black Friday,    3%).                                          America,” said Ofer Shoshan, co-founder
which enjoys a double-digit popularity per-                                                 and CEO of One Hour Translation. “Based
centage in 6 countries outside the United       The Chinese “Singles Day” shopping          on our extensive work with thousands of
States. Cyber Monday tops out at only 4%      event, which takes place every year on No-    e-commerce companies, we would encour-
in the examined countries outside of North    vember 11, was highly anticipated among       age companies outside of North America in
America.                                      7.5% of respondents in Japan, as opposed      this particular field to invest in associating
                                              to approximately 6% in Spain and France,      their activity and their brand with the Cyber
  The online survey was conducted with        4% in Canada, 3% in Germany, 2% in Britain    Monday event.”
Google Consumer Surveys among 3,400           and Australia, and only 1.4% in the United
participants from the following 8 devel-      States.
oped countries: The United States, Canada,
the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Australia       Despite the fact that the survey was con-
and Japan. One Hour Translation asked         ducted online and was naturally geared to-
the participants: “Which online shopping      wards online consumers, about two thirds
event have you been waiting for this year?”   of respondents (68%) on average among
and allowed the respondents to pick more      the eight countries said that they were not
than one answer. The survey analyzed the      looking forward to any online shopping
answers of 1,000 participants from the US,    events. About 4% of the 3,400 respondents
600 from the UK and 300 in each of the        said they were looking forward to shop-
remaining participating countries.            ping events other than those examined in

  In the United States, 14.5% of respon-

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