Create a ‘Side Hustle’

Entrepreneurs from around the country tuned in on Zoom and Margaret Hirsch’s Facebook live page recently to listen to Global Keynote and TEDx Speaker, Nic Haralambous explain the importance of starting up a ‘Side Hustle’ to help generate extra income.

Nic joined the stalwart anchor hosts,award winning business woman, Margaret Hirsch, executive director of the Hirsch’s Group and award winning business coach Marlene Powell, in the top hundred business coaches with ActionCOACH in the world, for their weekly Entrepreneurs Workshop that has grown in leaps and bounds in popularity since its inception in early 2019.

Nic Haralambous is a best selling author and one of South Africa’s most successful entrepreneurs, recently introduced his Slow Hustle concept – a community that helps people build the kind of life they need.
He explained that a side hustle is not a billion dollar business but something that will help build extra income streams. He pointed out that one of the biggest blocks that people have to becoming successful in business right now revolved around their physical and mental health. “Mental health is a big obstacle. It’s so important to stay positive, get enough sleep, eat healthily and exercise every day. “People don’t want to be around people who are miserable and angry. Put yourself on the top of your priority list. Self care is not selfish” he said. He also explained the importance of keeping a priority list, writing everything down you need to accomplish during the day and keeping a priority list. “Build slowly. Create consistent, intentional businesses – this is key to creating a successful second business, but recognise the importance of building a life that supports the business. Setting an ideas trap and talking about your ideas to validate them is also vital”, Nic pointed out.

Marlene Powell explained that her most successful clients had built solid, successful businesses – before building their side hustles and she has encouraged them to be clear on what they want to achieve. “If you can find a way to spend less time working in your business and more time working on your business, and having the right team in place, creating a side hustle that generates extra income and interest makes a lot of sense,” she explained.
Margaret Hirsch went on to say that having technology that could record one’s thoughts immediately – voice notes etc – was a boon to business people today. “If you have a great idea, record it immediately. So many great ideas get written down on pieces of paper and mistakenly discarded. Some of the most successful businesses have been built from a side hustle – and an idea that was recorded for posterity!”

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