Miele’s Cleaning Trifecta

Powerful and well designed, Miele’s TriFlex HX1 cordless stick vacuum cleaner trumps all others with its innovative 3-in-1 design for maximum versatility and performance.

Miele has been a global leader in vacuum cleaners for decades – setting the standard with regards to reliability, performance, filtration, aesthetics, energy efficiency and sustainability.

Its latest addition to its range is the TriFlex HX1 cordless stick vacuum cleaner, which has been making major inroads since its launch in 2020. Miele’s Jon Molyneaux says that it is easy to understand why this vacuum cleaner is proving to be so popular: “Simply put, Miele’s TriFlex HX1 over-delivers on every front – offering maximum flexibility during use and storage, best-in-market cleaning results, a 20-year lifespan, supreme energy efficiency and streamlined good looks.”

Innovative 3-in-1 design
The 3-in-1 design makes the TriFlex a veritable all-rounder. The PowerUnit is at the heart of this vacuum cleaner, consisting of a motor assembly, a rechargeable battery and a dust box. For maximum flexibility, the PowerUnit can be reconfigured in the following ways:

Reach mode: Here, the PowerUnit is positioned at the top to maximise range – making it the perfect configuration for cleaning underneath flat furniture or cleaning cobwebs from the ceiling for example.

Comfort mode: When the PowerUnit is positioned at the bottom of the unit, the TriFlex is perfect for cleaning large areas. This configuration offers a convenient and comfortable way of vacuuming sizeable spaces in the home, such as long hallways or large living rooms for example. The lightweight design makes the TriFlex rally easy to hold and maneuver, and if you need to take a break, it also features a convenient self-standing function.

Compact mode: The PowerUnit can easily detach and be used independently of the suction tube and Electrobrush. The solo PowerUnit makes for easy handling – making it a great choice for vacuuming up a few crumbs on a sofa or dust from your car seats for example.

Best-in-market cleaning results
Unlike most other stick vacuum cleaners, the bagless TriFlex offers as much power as Miele’s highest performing corded vacuum cleaners. Vortex technology, like that used in the Blizzard series, gives these cordless vacuums the power to clean a variety of flooring, including tiles, vinyl, wood and carpeting. Says Jon: “Vortex technology produces an enormous flow rate of more than 100km/h. Combined with the specially designed airtight floorhead and the aerodynamic airflow, these bagless vacuum cleaners achieve a first-class cleaning performance. This ensures that coarse debris and fine dust can be separated highly efficiently.”

The TriFlex comes with a Multi Floor XXL Electrobrush that makes cleaning all different types of floors a synch. Jon explains: “Miele’s XXL Electrobrush is 28cm wide, allowing you to vacuum large areas quickly and easily. At the same time, the special airflow concept ensures powerful suction. The intelligent built-in brush detects the type of flooring being cleaned as you move over it. For example, if you are vacuuming carpets, the power will increase automatically to accommodate efficient cleaning. If you move from carpeting to let’s say, vinyl for example, then the TriFlex will automatically decrease the power as less is required to vacuum smooth floors. This allows you to move seamlessly between hard floors and carpeting, and back again.”

The TriFlex offers three power settings, so that you can customise the cleaning power to suit the area being vacuumed. The switch is conveniently located on the handle, so you can quickly and easily adjust the power setting with your thumb whenever necessary.

Exemplary hygiene
The TriFlex’s three-stage filtration system guarantees hygienic dust disposal. Coarse dirt collects in the dust box, while finer particles are retained by the fine dust filter. During disposal, the Twist2Open mechanism ensures that the contents of the dust box slide out effortlessly. The integrated Hygiene Lifetime Filter has a high dust retention capacity and captures 99,9% of all fine particles and stops them from entering the atmosphere for optimum cleanliness and air purity.

Ideal for allergy sufferers, the HEPA Lifetime Filter in the TriFlex Cat & Dog and the Pro allows you to create a hypoallergenic zone in your home. It captures and filters an incredible 99,999% of all microscopic particles and allergens, and removes them from the air. Says Jon: “Both the Hygiene and the HEPA Lifetime Filters have to be replaced or maintained over the products entire life cycle.”

Premium battery power
The TriFlex is powered via a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, which is made by Germany’s premier battery manufacturer, VARTA. The battery allows for 60 minutes run-time, which combined with the large-format cleaning head, allows you to cover more floor area in less time, which means that you can complete most vacuuming jobs with a single charge. It has 7 cells and can recharge in full in only 4 hours. Says Jon: “If you large home and need more runtime, then Miele provides batteries and charging cradles as additional purchase options. The TriFlex Pro and the TriFlex Power models automatically come with an additional Li-ion battery.”

Charging your Miele TriFlex vacuum cleaner is really convenient, notes Jon: “Depending on your preferred configuration, you can charge the appliance with the PowerUnit in either the upper of lower position. If you do not want to drill the wall bracket into the wall, you simply plug the cable directly into the battery. If there is no socket available where you keep your vacuum cleaner, then you are able to charge the battery outside of the appliance and reinsert it once charged.”

Different models
All the TriFlex models come standard with a dusting brush, crevice tool and a standard upholstery brush for whole-home cleaning. Miele offers the following four different TriFlex HX1 models:

The Miele TriFlex HX1 (R12 999): This is the most cost-effective model of the TriFlex range – boasting the MultiFloor XXL Electrobrush, a hygiene lifetime filter, a replaceable VARTA lithium-ion battery and charger cradle. Available in Lotus White and Ruby Red.

The Miele TriFlex Power (R14 999): This model is exactly the same as the model listed above, but it comes with an extra VARTA lithium-ion battery and charger cradle. Available in Cashmere Grey.

The Miele TriFlex Cat & Dog (R14 999): Ideal for pet owners, the Cat & Dog includes an extra elctro-compact handheld brush for specialised cleaning of pet hair from upholstery or car interiors (which can also be purchased separately). It comes with a lifetime HEPA filter, and its Multifloor XXL Electrobrush boasts BrilliantLight LEDs to light up the area you are cleaning. Available in Obsidian Black with Rose Gold detailing.

The Miele TriFlex Pro (R17 999): This model comes with a second VARTA lithium-ion battery and charger cradle, and boasts a HEPA Lifetime Filter, and a Multifloor XXL Electrobrush with BrilliantLight LEDs. Available in Graphite Grey with Rose Gold detailing.

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