Miele’s PowerDisk for the Most Powerful Cleaning Results

Miele’s Generation 7000 range of dishwashers are all self-dosing appliances – designed to automatically dispense the exact amount of detergent for every cycle, thereby ensuring optimum efficiency and cleaning performance. Miele’s Liam Gawne offers some insight into this incredibly effective new technology.

05 March 2021, Johannesburg: Miele is world-renowned for making high-end quality appliances that are durable and offer best-in-market technological solutions. The Generation 7000 range of Miele dishwashers is no exception – they offer extraordinary energy- and water-efficiency, are designed, manufactured and tested to last for a minimum of 20 years. They are also Wi-Fi-enabled and boast a host of incredibly useful technological innovations – one of which is its PowerDisk feature.

Says Miele’s Liam Gawne: “Just like Miele’s incredibly popular self-dosing washing machines, its Generation 7000 range of dishwashers introduce self-dosing technology to make doing the dishes an absolute synch. Designed to release a specific amount of detergent at the perfect moment during the washing cycle, these self-dosing dishwashers consistently guarantee perfectly cleaned cutlery, crockery, glassware, pots and pans without fail.”

What is the Miele PowerDisk
Miele’s self-dosing detergent is called the PowerDisk, explains Liam: “This hockey puck-shaped product slots directly into a compartment in the front of the dishwasher door, and is designed to automatically release small amounts of detergent at specifically defined intervals during the dishwasher’s wash cycle. Each PowerDisk contains 400g of detergent, and this should last the average household around a month.”

He notes that when the PowerDisk is used in conjunction with the dishwasher’s Auto Programme, the amount of detergent that is used is spontaneously adjusted to suit the size and type of wash cycle: “If your dishes are heavily soiled or the dishwasher is fully loaded for example, then the PowerDisk will release a little extra of the high performance detergent to ensure perfect cleaning results, and vice versa.”

High performance detergent
The PowerDisk can guarantee perfect cleaning results largely due to its makeup, says Liam: “It contains specially formulate granular detergent, along with a rinse aid and components for the salt function – offering an all-in-one cleaning solution. Furthermore, the detergent is specially formulated to protect any glass or silver – thereby guaranteeing that these come out of the dishwasher gleaming.”
He adds that only 7g of the detergent is released into the dishwasher every time the PowerDisk rotates during the cleaning cycle: “On average the PowerDisk rotates around 4 times per cycle, meaning that it uses a mere 28g of detergent for perfectly cleaned dishes – an incredibly efficient result!”

Since Miele’s range of Generation 7000 dishwashers are WiFi-enabled, the Miele app will send you a notification when your appliance is running low on detergent, and it allows you to automatically order your replacement PowerDisk online. A single Miele PowerDisk costs R299, or you can purchase a pack of 6 units for R1699. You can purchase your PowerDisk from Miele retailers countrywide, or you can order it online from www.miele.co.za.

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