Slumberland Introduces Ecolux Beds

With so much focus on the critical need to reduce humans’ impact on our planet, increased attention is being paid to reusing and recycling whatever is possible. This is resulting in greater technological advances than were previously thought possible.

One advance is in the field of plastic recycling, where plastic waste is being transformed into various fabrics and forms of astonishing quality.

This ingenuity is evident in the new Ecolux range of luxury beds from Slumberland. Made virtually entirely from renewable natural resources and recycled plastics, the results are often better and more luxurious than traditional materials.

From the moment your body touches the mattress, you are enjoying the sensation of a luxurious knit fabric made from reformulated yarn, sourced from recycled PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate ) bottles. To which is added an anti-microbial treatment to promote hygienic sleep and long-lasting protection against dust mites and odours. The mattress itself is stuffed with recycled PET eco-fill, ensuring a luxurious firmness.

Below that are 3D Mesh fibre columns, which help to regulate temperature and prevent heat build-up. Pulse latex is also used – an energy-saving latex, which uses 7.5 times less energy to manufacture than Talalay (softer) latex. Discarded steel has been used to create a highly advanced spring system with individually cased coils that ensure that there is minimal disturbance to you when your bedpartner moves.

This is all supported on a polyester eco-insulator pad made from recycled PET that ensures one cannot feel the metal spring system. The base of the bed is sustainable wood, harvested from forests that bear the FSC and SABS stamps of approval – and even the feet are made from recycled PET bottles.

All 11 luxury features in an Ecolux bed contribute to the sustainability of our planet, whether it’s by recycling plastic bottles, melting and reusing steel and metal, buying only wood grown in sustainable forests, or using renewable energy.

But perhaps the most remarkable thing about Ecolux is not that it is pioneering eco-friendliness – it is that it delivers the same exceptional comfort and luxury as the rest of the Slumberland range.

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