A Strategic Look at the Rental Economy

The concept of the sharing economy is well understood in 2021, no doubt thanks to its foremost poster children, including Airbnb and Uber. What these behemoths have done is introduce a business model to the world that is “predicated around bringing an asset-light model to an asset-heavy industry” and this concept is trickling down to ordinary, everyday consumers as the rental economy continues to grow around the world.

Unsurprisingly, technology is central to the proliferation of the rental economy. Technology has allowed us to rethink how we access products and services, making this more flexible, more convenient and also more cost effective, which in turn has meant that rentals could get a real foothold in markets that would otherwise have been difficult to reach.

A contemporary obsession with convenience – we want our products and services pronto! – is helping to fuel the rental economy, which by its very nature seeks to offer the convenience of access without the burden of ownership.

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Cyclists Marry After Sani2C Adventure

Marinda Bootsma and Attie Tiley tied the knot on Saturday after completing the three-day 2021 KAP sani2c Adventure, which kicked off on 12 May. Restonic SA has been supporting the KAP sani2c event for more than six years, sponsored race kit and wedding elements for the bridal couple. This was both the bride and groom’s first sani2c ride.

The KAP sani2c is one of the oldest mountain bike stage races in South Africa, offering 266km of spectacular mountain bike trails between Himeville in the southern Drakensberg and Scottburgh on the South Coast in KwaZulu-Natal. Two versions take place over four days – the Adventure event (12 to 14 May) and the Race event (13 to 15 May). For Bootsma and Tiley, the Adventure event was the perfect lead-up to their wedding.

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Furniture Market Research: New CSIL Reports

These are the most recent updates on CSIL activities:

Furniture Market Research: New CSIL Reports
Top 200 furniture manufacturers worldwide (March 2021, list price EUR 2000)
E-Commerce for the office furniture industry (March 2021, list price EUR 1200)
The Italian market for mattresses and bases (February 2021, list price EUR 2000)
World furniture outlook 2021 (December 2020, list price EUR 2000)
E-commerce for the furniture industry, (December 2020, list price EUR 1200)
Office furniture: world market outlook (December 2020, list price EUR 1600)

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Pillows and Beds Donated to Healthcare Workers

More than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, frontline healthcare workers continue to put their lives on the line to help in South Africa’s response efforts. Many are exhausted, and the stresses of the pandemic mean that getting a good night’s rest is even more challenging. Restonic SA has donated high-quality latex chip pillows and beds valued at R60 000 in total to 300 frontline healthcare workers at Tembisa Provincial Tertiary Hospital to help them get better sleep. The donation includes 300 high-quality latex chip pillows, 20 memory foam pillows, three queen-size beds valued at R6 000 each, and four single beds valued at R3 000 each.

Violet Ramalapa, Acting Nursing Services Manager, thanked Restonic: “As health workers we feel appreciated that our hard work is being recognised. Working extended hours is exhausting, but we took an oath to put people first and we shall stand by it through all circumstances. Recognition from organisations such as Restonic really goes a long way in giving us a boost when days are dark to carry on with the work that we do.”

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Supply Chain Support for Small Businesses

SAPICS (The Professional Body for Supply Chain Management in Southern Africa) has reinforced its commitment to the development of Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) with a training and support programme geared towards boosting SMMEs by building their skills in the important area of supply chain management.

When it comes to reaping the benefits of supply chain optimisation – including efficiency enhancements and cost savings – SMMEs are being left behind because they lack the necessary skills and resources, according to SAPICS.

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What saying NO to the Vaccine Could Mean

With fake news, the anti-vaccine movement, confusing dialogues in the media and religious reasons, some people are opting out of the vaccine and potentially, could be opting out of their jobs. According to Nicol Myburgh, Head: HCM Business Unit at CRS Technologies, labour legislation specifies that employers are required to ensure their employees have access to a safe work space – a fact which indicates that vaccines should be mandatory – but there are multiple issues to be considered before they can fire anyone for not complying.

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Miele’s PowerDisk for the Most Powerful Cleaning Results

Miele’s Generation 7000 range of dishwashers are all self-dosing appliances – designed to automatically dispense the exact amount of detergent for every cycle, thereby ensuring optimum efficiency and cleaning performance. Miele’s Liam Gawne offers some insight into this incredibly effective new technology.

05 March 2021, Johannesburg: Miele is world-renowned for making high-end quality appliances that are durable and offer best-in-market technological solutions. The Generation 7000 range of Miele dishwashers is no exception – they offer extraordinary energy- and water-efficiency, are designed, manufactured and tested to last for a minimum of 20 years. They are also Wi-Fi-enabled and boast a host of incredibly useful technological innovations – one of which is its PowerDisk feature.

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Margaret Hirsch – Taking the Best from the Worst

The year 2020 will undoubtedly go down in history as a year with extreme, some would say insurmountable, challenges.

Margaret Hirsch, Executive Director of the Hirsch’s group, award winning business woman and a champion of women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship found a way to take the best out of the worst last year. She obtained her MBA at the age of 70 and in the last four months of the year, Hirsch’s traded better than they had ever done for the same period in previous years. She connected with over 800,000 people via Zoom and Facebook Live for her Entrepreneurs workshops, her Women in business meetings and the Kitchen Capers events that were held on a weekly basis to help people run their businesses and their homes more effectively at this difficult time.

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Online Merchants: Check Your T&Cs Before they Bite

Terms and conditions DO apply – tales of an online store builder.
By Dr Howard Rybko, CDO at Syncrony Digital

In my experience, terms and conditions (T&Cs) are one of the last ‘to-do’s’ in the rush before a new online store goes live.

Many online merchants think T&C’s are a chore. They palm the job off to some sucker in their team, which leads to a last minute find & replace of some pinched T&Cs or else a kick down the road to a legal person somebody knows.

Either choice caries too much risk for my liking. If you want to limit some potential unexpected costs, I suggest you read on.

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Re-Engage Before it’s too Late

Fatigue and disconnect impacting work lives.

The world has not yet left the COVID-19 pandemic behind and so remote working, disconnected workplaces, masks and distancing remain a constant for the foreseeable future. This means that your employees run the risk of suffering from work from home (WFH) fatigue and experiencing challenges around productivity, engagement and disconnect. According to Nicol Myburgh, Head: CRS Technologies HCM Business Unit, now is the time to gauge where people are, unpack the problem areas, and find ways of making life easier for your employees.

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