Business gets Behind “Made in Africa” and Buy Africa for Africa

With the Covid-19 pandemic pushing African nations to develop local solutions to the continent’s challenges, the time has come to rally around the Pan African agenda; to collaborate and leverage the unique and diverse skills and resources of each region in Africa to drive growth and prosperity across the continent. It is time for an unwavering commitment from all to buy Africa for Africa, so that we can grow our local industries, grow our entrepreneurial skills and support our own to grow and compete internationally.

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Hirsch’s 42 Years On

Hirsch’s is today the largest independently owned appliance and electronics retail company in Southern Africa. This month marks their 42nd year in business and unlike other retail outlets that experienced significant losses during the pandemic, Hirsch’s achieved well over their budget.

Founder Allan Hirsch said that when they predicted their budget for the year 2021, they looked for quite aggressive growth, but by the end of March 2020 they assumed the worst. “However, fortunately we are in an industry that has benefited from the situation we’re in. The home space has been the focal point for many consumers and there has been a huge demand for home goods. As a result, we have achieved well over our budget. We have had an amazing year and we are truly grateful to our customers, our staff and our suppliers, all of whom contributed to our success”.

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Bosch Shows the way to Ultimate Smart Home

Viewing the contents of your fridge while at the shops is no longer that farfetched as households are becoming increasingly digital. Smart home technology has leveraged connectivity that allows owners to obtain access to their home, and this technological trend is on the rise in South Africa.

In keeping with the current trend, Bosch Home Appliances is pioneering the way towards the smart kitchen in South Africa.

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Green Shoots of Recovery

According to CSIL, the international trade of office furniture showed the first signs of recovery in the second half of 2020. The bulk of office furniture exports originates in China, Canada, Germany, the USA and Italy. In particular, China increased its share on world exports from 30% in 2010 to 44% in 2020.

As far as the global office furniture consumption is concerned, the outlook for 2021 is for a higher rebound in Asia Pacific, while the recovery in North America is expected to be in the region of 3%, low growth is forecast for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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Low Growth Last Black Friday for Technical Consumer Goods

South African consumers focused their spending on buys for the home such as refrigerators over the Black Friday promotional period last year and conducted careful online research before making their purchases. That’s according to consumer research and point of sale tracking data from GfK South Africa, which reflected subdued spending on Technical Consumer Goods for November 2020.

According to GfK’s data, sales fell 2 percent year-on-year in November 2020, across the washing machines, laptops, tablets, smartphones, PTV, routers and cooling product segments combined. Panel televisions, usually the star performer over the Black Friday period, showed a year-on-year revenue dip of 9 percent and a fall in unit sales of 26 percent. Smartphone and cellphone revenues, meanwhile, were flat and media tablet revenues and unit sales slipped 1 percent and 14 percent, respectively.

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